Going to CEIC 2012? Ping me for a free Lightgrep trial!

I’m proud to announce that our company, Lightbox Technologies, will be launching Lightgrep Search for EnCase just in time for CEIC. We’ll have free thumb drives with trial versions of Lightgrep on them, so please come find us. Be sure to follow us or ping us on Twitter while you’re there! You can reach me at @geoff_black and Jon at @codeslack.

I’ll also be doing a redux of last year’s presentation, Statistical Analysis and Data Sampling, at this year’s CEIC with Jon. We’re on at 4:30 PM on Monday in the eDiscovery Lab track. You can find the description on the CEIC website:

Ever worked on a matter where you wanted to validate that the search terms were working correctly? What about when a judge requests that you testify on your procedures for this validation process? This session will show you how to take culled evidence from the EnCase eDiscovery solution and create a representative random set of data to be used in the validation process. The options demonstrated will be: the number of items to review and the percentage of accuracy. Once a random sub-set has been created, this session will show how the EnCase eDiscovery solution can be used to manually tag the items and provide reporting.

The presentation will be updated with some new features on predictive coding and recent rulings. If you’re interested in how sampling can be used to reduce review time and improve keyword results, you should come check us out.

Unfortunately we’re up against Craig Ball and Chris Dale who will be rockin’ with “The Future of Social Media in E-Discovery.” Craig recently wrote a good piece for Law Technology News entitled Gold StandardA true gold standard for keyword search incorporates both precise inclusion and defensible exclusion. He touches on keyword precision in the article, and that’s one of our primary goals with our talk – how to get the best bang for your buck with a little extra testing.