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Version 6

Timeline Report v1.8.1 zip
January 17, 2010
md5 – 2BC231669681C114A89A8802D6738F3A
This script gathers file information on all or selected files/folders and presents it in a timeline view. The user can select the timeframe to check and output either HTML or tab-delimited text format. Great for intrusions and reporting! REQUIRES EnCase v6.8.1 or greater (updated and tested through Version 6.13).

Sample Size Selector v0.1 zip
May 17, 2011
md5 – 7955907FAEC82546CD06A12FAF47D8E6
This script will create a LEF containing a random sample of all files in a case (or those blue checked). You select the confidence level and margin of error and it does the rest!

dotNet DLL COM EnScript Demo v0.2 zip
September 15, 2010
md5 – b37e1824db2025e1d351b813dea0e248
Every once in a while I see people looking for help building dll’s in .Net for use with EnScript through COM. This used to be simple with something like VB6, but .Net changed the rules when it came along. It’s been a while, but the topic still comes up. There are some tricks that are definitely non-obvious, so I put together this package a few years ago to help. Hopefully you find it useful. Updated for VC#.NET 2010 and tested in EnCase 6.16 (32-bit and 64-bit).

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