Getting Started

Well I put off getting started as long as possible. Maybe I waited too long?

The truth is I’ve been outside the veil now for about a year and I’m consistently becoming re-involved in Real ForensicsTM. I occasionally made time in the past to speak about my passion with others, but as I spend more and more time on it again I’d like to share some things as I plod along. The first thing that comes to mind is EnScript, as I’ve published a few over the years. A decent number of questions pop up and these are answered by a few usual suspects: Lance Mueller does an awesome job posting new relevant stuff ; Jon Stewart has been posting on the Three Laws of EnScript; and Paul Bobby has recently been churning out illustrative scripting guides. You can also expect posts on general forensics, e-discovery, weirdo technical issues with my favorite email client Lotus Notes, and all kinds of other tech issue beasties that affect us every day. I hope that the topics I post on are interesting to general practitioners and developers alike, and if you’re keen on a particular subject please let me know!

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